Two May Birthdays

My sister and her daughter share May as their birthday month.  Back in February, I found this awesome pattern for a cute purse.  When I saw it, I immediately decided that I would make one for my sister’s birthday.  After work one evening, I stopped by JoAnn Fabrics to purchase the fabric.  Not sure if I’m the only who is indecisive, but when I’m standing in front of tons of beautiful fabric, I have a hard time finding the one.  So, I was tricky.  I snapped a few pictures of fabrics that I liked and texted them to her to get her thought.  She LOVED them!  And then she proceeded to ask what I was making.  Not wanting to lie, I simply told her a purse and left it at that.

Since I hadn’t sewn anything from a real pattern since my 4-H years many, many, many moons ago, I decided that I needed to make a practice one from scrap fabric that I had.  The pattern was quick and easy and I had my practice purse done in an evening.  It looked great!












But… I wasn’t convinced I had mastered the pattern yet, so I made another one from left over fabric from the aprons I made for my other two nieces.  That purse turned out great, too!  Better, actually.










After two successful practice purses, I made the real deal for my sister.  And it too, looked fabulous!













When I saw how cute practice purse #2 was, I decided that would be the perfect gift my niece who was turning 9 this year.  Two gifts, for two special people were completed.

(I made a few changes from the original pattern in that I secured the strap so that it was internally attached rather than externally attached.  I liked the look of it better.  Hopefully you decide to make this purse and love it as much as I have!)

-The Handmade 365


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